What is uOutdo? uOutdo is a photo challenge game that allow players to upload their personal photos or favorite photos from around the web, and compete against other uOutdo players. uOutdo is the first game that encourages players to showoff and rewards them for doing it. You can link your Facebook and/or Twitter account with your uOutdo account to receive more votes and earn more credits.

Do I have to pay to play uOutdo? No! uOutdo is 100% free to play!

How do I play? Playing uOutdo is simple and anyone can play. Players can create their own challenges based on various topics, or join challenges already in progress. You can join a challenge by simply uploading your favorite photo.

How do I win? The top three participants in a challenge with the highest ratings wins the challenge.

How do I get more votes? uOutdo allows players to integrate their Facebook and Twitter accounts with our system. You can promote your photos to friends and family which will increase your votes and credit rank

How do I earn credits? Each time someone rates your photo you receive credits. Your rating determines how many credits you receive. So for example: if someone gives your photo a 5 star rating, you will receive 5 credits. You can also receive credits by doing various activities around the site. Please read more here: Credit FAQs